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The American Chamber of Commerce in Nepal (AmCham Nepal) is an association of American business organizations operating in Nepal.



AmCham Nepal’s principal objective is to make the business environment conducive to all its members.

We are continuously in talks with policymakers about issues affecting business in Nepal. We provide a platform to engage with various levels of government, to help the members make their voices heard and improve the business environment.


We provide ample networking opportunities to our members which allows them to interact with prominent political and business figures on both formal and social levels.

We also maintain relations with similar chambers in the United States and work to stimulate business relationships and create more opportunities.


AmCham provides its members an opportunity to meet with key decision-makers and share their concerns. We provide a platform for members to identify and discuss challenges faced while running a business in Nepal.


We regularly exchange information between the US and Nepal for a greater understanding of economic potentials and opportunities.


AMCHAM Mission

Our mission is to promote investment and trade between Nepal and the United States.


  • To encourage economic activities in Nepal by promoting and increasing bilateral business and investments between the United States and Nepal.

  • To propose and implement a market-based economic system for minimizing trade constraints through collaboration between government bodies of the United States and Nepal in order to increase bilateral trade between the countries.

  • To be responsible for taking policy initiatives on behalf of the members of this organization in order to improve the environment for US investment in Nepal.

  • To motivate the US business community to collaborate with businesses in Nepal.

  • To facilitate Nepali businesses’ access to US business technology and the transfer thereof.

  • To create a forum for networking activities between the US and Nepali business communities in order to foster information exchange.

  • To inform the US business community about the benefits and opportunities of investing in Nepal and to promote Nepal as an attractive investment destination.

  • To provide a forum for the members to express their views and ideas on subjects including commerce, trade, investment, finance, industry, etc., and to act to effectively implement those views and ideas.

  • To collect, assess and disseminate information and facts necessary in commerce, trade, investment, finance, and industry.


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