Ajit Bikram Shah

Founding Member

Ajit Bikram Shah

Ajit Shah, Director and CEO, Lotus Holdings

Ajit Shah is an entrepreneur with knowledge and experience in diverse business sectors. He is the Director and Chief Executive Officer of Lotus Holdings - an investment company currently involved in Real Estate, Healthcare, Hand Made Rugs & Information Technology employing close to a thousand people.

Ajit sits on various national, bilateral business and social boards and committees to provide guidance and insight. He supports these institutions achieve more of what it is doing by leveraging his local and global reach to amplify and synergize objectives by replication, partnership and expansion.

Among the Nepalese community Ajit Shah has become known for his entrepreneurial success, business ethics, corporate social responsibility, philanthropy and global outreach. He has addressed numerous national and international conferences and workshops to showcase and share his passion for making the world a better place.

Despite his financial prowess, Ajit is a devoted philanthropist and helps with the family foundation Hoste Hainse (www.hostehainse.org) - that provides free education opportunities to the underprivileged children of Nepal. Hoste Hainse through 5 different schools in Western, Central and Eastern Nepal has educated over 20,000 children since operation.

Ajit has a Bachelors Degree in Chemistry, Mathematics & Computer Science from the University of Minnesota, USA, and is currently undergoing Executive Education at the Harvard Business School.

Among others, Ajit is a member in the Board of Trade at the Ministry of Commerce in Nepal, which has the task of prioritizing sectors for economic development, and mitigating the trade deficit the country currently faces. Ajit also sits on high-level committees of Federation of Federation of Nepalese Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FNCCI) and Confederation of Nepalese Industries (CNI).

Having been raised in a Hindu and Buddhist culture, Ajit values integrity, compassion and embraces a people-first attitude in his business and philanthropic endeavors.